buy weed cans online is growing up and getting legal, but it’s still often packaged in plastic baggies. Now there’s a mature manufacturing solution to aid the budding industry. The only thing growing, distributing, and selling cannabis used to lead to was prison time. Now it’s becoming just as legitimate an industry as it was when our first president George Washington cultivated it on his Mount Vernon homestead. Of course, he grew hemp for mooring ropes, clothing, and such, while today’s growers harvest it reduce cancer patients’ nausea and your brother’s boredom, but nonetheless, it’s a legitimate way to earn a living. Mostly.


The psychoactive smart bud herb remains illegal on the federal level, though 27 states exercise the tenth amendment to allow medicinal use. And after this past election, recreational use is—or soon will be—permitted in seven of those states, as well as Washington D.C., where our federal laws are occasionally made.

If you grow smart bud, your market is at least one in every five Americans. Then tack on all the tourists that visit California, which included 17 million international visits in 2015. Don’t forget to add the all the hedonists who stay in Las Vegas. There were 42 million of them in 2015. So the outlook is incredibly, uh, high (I wish I could tell you that’s the last pun, I really do).


The label company used, The Label Shoppe is as green as a label company can be—they are SQF [Safe Quality Food] certified and only use water-based systems and water-based inks. That said, labels are not generally recyclable smart bud. The issue with pressure-sensitive labels is not the paper or coating but the adhesive, which is not recyclable. order weed cans

Why did you choose metal cans to package marijuana? What are the benefits?

weed cans for sale. We were looking for the best in smartbud freshness preservation, antioxidation measures and nitrogen-flashed capabilities. We do not know of any better way to preserve our product as of right now. order weed cans